Welcome to Hyderabad Branch of SIRC of ICAI
CA. Machar Rao Meenavalli

CA. Machar Rao Meenavalli

Chairman Hyderabad ICAI

+91-9848811125 hyderabad@icai.org

Dear Professional Colleagues,

I am sure that most of us would have started our routine activities after lifting the Lockdown. While we all understand the importance of completing the pending official works on hand, I urge each one of you to exercise caution in our daily routines till we have some confirmed news that the 3rd wave is not catastrophic. The period of Lockdown has also shown us that we do not have to be in office all the time to attend to our work. Technology can be a great friend of ours in completing our works. I urge each one of you to leverage Technology to the maximum, wherever possible, and avoid physical meetings. With majority of the works of Statutory Bodies happening online, it is time for us to pause and think if we really need such big offices wherein we spend huge amount on Infrastructure.

In our continuous war against Covid-19 Hyderabad Branch of SIRC has organised a vaccination drive at COE Hyderabad on July 6, 2021 and we were able to vaccinate 188 people. I sincerely thank the members for their continuous support for the activities of Hyderabad Branch without which we wouldn’t have organised these activities.     

July 1st is celebrated as CA Day & Doctors day, and on this occasion, I take the opportunity to wish all Members and students a happy CA Day. On the occasion of CA day we have planned  flag hoisting at ICAI premises followed by  Motivational session by Swami Bodhamayananda and a Stand-up comedy session by Shri Rajasekhar Mamidanna. On account of Coivd-19 precautions the motivational session and stand-up comedy session will be held virtually. I urge all members to participate and make the events a successful one. As we are all aware that Doctors are the frontline warriors in our fight against covid-19. I also take this opportunity to wish the Doctor fraternity a Happy Doctors Day   

In the month of July 2021 the branch has lined up Virtual CPE programmes on Income Tax, GST, Information technology etc..  These sessions will be addressed by eminent resource persons. I request the members to participate in large numbers and make these programmes a grand success. The details of Virtual CPE Meetings are given in the Programme calendar.

The 59th Annual General Meeting of Hyderabad Branch of SIRC is being held on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 11.00 am. The Notice of the Meeting, Annual Report and the Audited financial statements together with Auditors report is hosted in the website www.hydicai.org for the perusal of members. The link for registering for AGM is also provided in the website. I request members to please join us for the Annual general meeting which is being held virtually due to Covid restrictions. 

SICASA Hyderabad has scheduled its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 11.00 am  on virtual mode. The notice and agenda of the meeting together with the nomination form is hosted in the website www.hydicai.org. Members are requested to pass on the information to interested and eligible students so that they can participate.

It is a my sincere appeal to our members and students to dream higher and work towards attaining the dreams, thereby attaining heights in our professional and personal lives.  

Signing off with a quote:


If you can dream it, you can do it”. Walt Disney.

Yours Sincerely,


CA. Machar Rao Meenavalli