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CA. Chinna Sitarami Reddy A

CA. Chinna Sitarami Reddy A

Chairman - SICASA Hyderabad ICAI

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Dear Learners,

Welcome to the newsletter for the month of July. Finally, the leaps of hard work have been

put on a paper. Hoping all the efforts were utilized to its best. After the long preparation

hours, you must have become an oracle in finishing tasks with sticking hours. Therefore, do

not get out of the form. Maintain the same amount of concentration and grasp the activities

that enhance your capabilities for further moves. Being humans, rest is an eternal part of

life. But a long period of rest turns a healthy person to a brain dead. With an equal amount

of joy and focus, with a great sigh of relief start on to think for the future.


After a deep journey into the hibernation, it’s time to open your eyes wide and get back to

updating yourself. The best time of 2 months is with you. Pursue any course that can amplify

your journey. The world has started watching you. Every action of yours will add up to your

resume of life.

The students working under a principal during the pandemic time are putting in great efforts

to meet the deadlines. The pandemic has not just shown the world a glimpse of scarce health

managers but the pandemic has also given a glimpse of the CA fraternity with scarce wealth

managers. Gracing all the CA students to be effective and efficient during the tough times.

SICASA- Hyderabad has announced for an Annual General Meeting to be held on 31-07-2021, Saturday. All the students of Hyderabad are invited to join the meeting.

 A new body of leaders would be elected to be the Managing Committee of SICASA- Hyderabad

for the year 2021-2022. Also, with a heavy heart it’s time to bid a goodbye to the existing

Managing Committee of SICASA- Hyderabad for the year 2020-2021. With the learnings

from the old teams, it’s time to give strength to the new team to represent the student

community at various levels with due respect.

At the end, not forgetting the lessons taught by the pandemic, Stay Safe and ensure safety

of people dependant on you.

At your services always,

CA. Chinna Sitarami Reddy A
SICASA -Chairman
Feel Free to contact at acsreddy.ca@gmail.com